Friday, June 1, 2012

June Inspiration Challenge...

Welcome to the June inspiration Challenge. This month we have a bright and colourful combination for you - aqua, white, citrus orange, and magenta. This combination was found on Pinterest via I hope you like it as much as the Design Team did. Let's have a look and see how they were inspired.

June Inspiration Challenge

 Annette Gearside

 Doris Lee Widder

 Erin Reed

 Juanna Sia

 Kirsten Casey

 Kristie Taylor

 Michelle Wallace

 Nicole Knopke

Petra Offrell
So what do you think? Pretty amazing aren't they! And all so very, very different. Are you up for the challenge? I know you are, so come on and show us what you've got! 
Please send your entries to 
You may submit a layout, card, or OTP project. 
Entries close at midnight on the 30th June.
The winner will be announced early July, and will receive a lovely RAK of goodies.  


Unknown said...

Great challenge and fab inspiration by the dt! Great job ladies!

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