Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Inspiration Challenge...

Since today is the first day of Spring, I thought it was only fitting that we went with beautiful bright colours to celebrate. Are you ready?

September Inspiration Challenge - lime green, fuschia pink, and mandarin orange - or alternatively, you could be inspired by the door, the brick pattern, or the beautiful border edge. 

Erin Reed - Morgan In Kindergarten

Kirsten Casey - Gold Coast Retreat

Kim Kendall - Live Laugh Inspire

Petra Offrell - Cute

Doris Widder - Every Wall Is a Door
Doris has decided to inspire us with an off-the-page project (I don't know about you, but I LOVE the bright pink wall background). 

Now, it is your turn. :-)
Please send your completed entries to
This competition will close at midnight on the 30th September, and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards. They will receive a class kit to enjoy and play with. 
Off you go - my inbox is waiting, lol! 

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Shaunagh @ Home and Hobbies said...

Great inspiration & colours for Spring!