Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Small Birdcage with Filigree Stand

Hello everyone !!!

So today I have the pleasure to share with you this quick tutorial using ,

this gorgeous kit that will be for sale in the shop

A small Birdcage With Filigree Stand, Isn't it just the cutest and it was so much fun to make.

Ok here we go

( Now I will advise you that there will be a instructions sheet in the kit as well)

Step 1- Start with taking all your pieces out.

You will need some sticky glue and some paint and paintbrush.

I'm using Making Memories paint, it is much thicker and will cover the chipboard much easier then other brands. Also a small cup hook to hang the birdcage with.

STEP 2- Start with giving all your pieces 2 coasts of paint and set to dry.

STEP 4- Once the paint is dry its time to piece it all together.
Start by adding a smaller support piece to the larger Filigree stand. Repeat on both sides.

Make sure to glue the supporting ring for extra strength .

STEP 5- Add some glue to the smaller pedestal stand and slide it into the larger stand piece.

Let dry.

STEP 6- Turn stand upside down and glue the small circle into place, don't worry if it looks a bit messy with glue all over the place it will all dry clear and you can add some paint on top of it !!

Add the circle

STEP 7- Turn the stand upright again and run a glue line along the top of stand and slide the small CUT circle.

STEP 8- Add glue on the top of circle and side of arms, then slot the larger cut circle on top.

Let dry

STEP 9 - Now its time to piece the little birdcage together.

Add some glue along the side and slot the birdcage windows in, hold firmly for 10 sec.

Add them one by one, leaving one of them to the side if you wish to have an open door like mine, If you want to have a complete shut cage then add it to the rest right now.

STEP 10-Run some glue along the top end and add the top to it.

STEP 11 - Now for the last piece of Birdcage window, I cut the little tops of the top and glued it to the side of cage so it looks like an open door. Now this is just an example. If you want a closed cage then you just glue it with the rest like I did in previous post.

STEP 12- Now for the roof, Fold over the crease line,run some glue along the side and add some double side tape on the inside to keep it together.Wait for it to dry and add some more glue along the bottom and add to the top of birdcage.

Set to dry completely ! Add your little cup hook to the top of roof '

Your stand should now look like this

Now for the fun part .........decorating...

STEP 13- Take out your prima vine and turn that gorgeous backing over.

I traced the triangle off the roof very roughly to start with. You will trimm it to fit later on so don't worry if they look a bit out of shape right now.

STEP 14- You should now have 5 triangles for the roof , don't worry if they are a bit out of size as you can trim that after its been glued.
Add some glue to the roof and add the pieces.

STEP 15- Run some glue along the bottom end of roof and add the pearl strip, this is a bit fiddly so its important to have that sticky glue.

Cut 5 smaller pieces and add along the joints of roof. Also a bit fiddly but with some sticky glue it should work OK.

FINISHING TOUCHES- I cut the prima flower vine in smaller pieces and added them to the cage as I went along. Just have a play there is no right or wrong.

I added some ribbon to the cup hook to hide it.

I cut the beaded vines and added it as a bedding for the little birdie inside the cage.

Once again have a go and play around with it !

VOILA !!!!!!

Here she is !! A gorgeous little Birdcage with a Filigree Stand.

Have fun everyone !!

xx Tina


Ness said...

I love what you did with the birdcage Tina, it's gorgeous!! Love Ness xx

Belinda said...

Great job Tina. This is so sweet.

scrappin' girl said...

this is WONDERFUL!!!!!

ann said...

Tina thanks for sharing. It is beautiful xxxx

Amanda Jones said...

Stunning!! Love it so much!

annette said...

WOW Tina it's gorgeous ....thanx for your super tutorial ... luv X:)

Amy Bender said...

That is so pretty!! I want to make one now. :)

Valerie Bishop said...

This is so very beautiful!! Awesome job Tina!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

This is just so beautiful! The work you put into it really pays off because it is such a beautiful artistic piece!

Kylie said...

OMG!!! i love this Tina!! you clever girlie :0) i'm off to find a cute little birdie like you have to get this project finished just like yours.

Tina said...

Thank you girls !! xx♥♥ Tina

BrigitteG said...

well done Tina !!
absolutely gorrgeous work !!

Brigitte G.

sir adam said...

small bird cage says as we want to have big homes like this birds also need and want to have freedom like big homes so therefor we need to build big cages for birds to live them free area so i would like to thank you dear for sharing it with us so keep it up