Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Is Nearly Up!

How exciting! It's the last day of the month, and tomorrow the new challenges go up. Have you got your sketch and inspiration challenge layouts in for this month? You have until midnight tonight to get them into my inbox. These two ladies have already done that:

Ann Murphy - May Sketch Challenge

Pam Casey - May Sketch Challenge
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Time is nearly up!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Those May Entries In...

Ladies, you have three more days to get your entries in for the May Challenges. While I'm waiting for those entries, I'll share two more that arrived in my inbox:

Gillian Hume - May Sketch Challenge

Janice Yue - May Inspiration Challenge
Thank-you for your entries ladies. Now, who's next??? :-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Featured at Craft Corners

How exciting, we've been featured at Craft Corners. The wonderful Susan contacted me a while ago to ask if she could feature our blog on her site (Craft Corners). And of course I said yes. And this is the reason for all the changes that have occurred on our blog and Face Book page in the last few days. I decided Scrapbook Kits  needed a make-over before we showed ourselves to the world, lol! Now we have a new image, and a lovely feature on Craft Corner, so please pop on over, check it out, and say hello to Susan. 
(Craft Corners shares details of lots of different craft spots on the webs). 

Homemade Glue Dots Tutorial

I love glue dots, but they get so expensive!!  I use them for everything, and I found this great idea out from one of my online scrapping buddies.  I know there has been a tutorial about his before, but I am sorry I do not remember where or who I got this from, but now I pass it on to you!!

1) Aleene's Tack it Over and Over - You can buy this at Michaels for about $4 US, and if you use your 40% off one item coupon for these stores even cheaper!!  For oversees I am not completely sure of where you can buy it in local stores, but I did see it for sale at A Cherry On Top for $2.99 US

2) Sheet of sticker paper (keep your old sticker paper once you are done with your stickers) you can use the paper over and over.  Keep all sizes, or just one big one, up to you.  ****do not use wax paper it does not work***

 1) Fold your sticker paper in half, or cut it.  I find folding is better, than you do not have to worry about losing the top half and your dots sticking to everything.

2) Place small dots on the shiny side of the sticker paper (the side the stickers were stuck to before you peeled them off).  Make all sizes (the large dot on my paper is the size of a quarter).  Small dots, medium, tiny, have fun with it!!  Having different size dots gives you more flexibility in use when you need them.  The big dots can blob out as you see in the next pic.

 3) Let dry over night uncovered, you know when the dots are ready when they turn from white to clear.  Even if your dots blobs out like mine did, it is still usable.  Once they are clear and "ready' for use the dots can be pulled apart if they are too big, reused if pulled from one project to another, and they stick great!!

Make sure you store these dots with another sticker sheet on top or everything will stick to them (this is why I like to fold my sticker sheets in half).

One bottle of the glue will last you a long time.  I have made over 1000 dots, and I still have half my bottle left!!!

These homemade glue dots are better than the ones you buy!!


Erin Reed

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well Hello Facebook!

I've finally managed to work out the mysteries of Face Book. :-) 
You can now find us on Face Book, right here:
And, we have a new banner. A new look. A new image. There are still a few more little things that have to be changed, but that will happen slowly. 
Welcome to the new Scrapbook Kits...With A Difference!!!

What's That? A Late Drum Roll?

Congratulations to our April Challenge winners:

Lauren T - April Sketch Winner

Ann Murphy - April Inspiration Winner

Congratulations ladies, and thank-you to everyone who participated in our monthly challenges. Have you started on the May challenges yet?
Winners, could you please email me ( with your postal address, so I can get a lovely RAK of goodies sent your way.

May Is Rolling On...

May is rolling past very quickly. Have you gotten your challenge layouts completed? You still have 12 days to join the fun. Let's see what these creative scrappers have been up to with the May challenges:

Amanda - May Inspiration Challenge

Khloe - May Inspiration Challenge

Amanda - May Sketch Challenge

Lauren T - May Sketch Challenge

Thank-you ladies for sharing these wonderful creations with us. 
I hope we will see a few more before the month is over?
Remember, send your completed layouts to 
My inbox is ready and waiting...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For the love of Twine

I confess, I am a Twine addict. I just love this two colored decoratoive thread.. so useful and pretty.
Jules have bougfht some tTwine so you can expect Twine to be a part of the up-comming kits - isn't that just fantastic!!!!
Here is some ideas on how you can use Twine very easily...

Just tie it onto some tags...

Tie it around a heart ...


Tie a rosette around some butterflies


Tie the Twine around the back of a mini-book...


Put a bundle of the Twine under a doily and let it stick out a little...

I am sure you will be able to find many more ways of using Twine.

Have you made any creations using Twine lately? Feel free to add a linc under this blog post

/Petra - come visit my blog 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy Distressed/ Embossing Technique

Hi Juanna here! May has finally descended upon us! I do not know why, but the month of May’s a personal favourite of mine apart from December. I do hope this new month would be one filled with lots of fun and adventures, especially scrap wise for all of you. (:
Today, I will be sharing with you an easy distressed/embossing technique that I put to use on a small card that I made last month.
You will need white cardstock, distress inks in a darker shade of brown and a light shade of brown, a background stamp of your choice, another image stamp, embossing ink, clear embossing powder and a heat gun.
Firstly, cut your cardstock to a size that you want to work with. My card is in ATC size of 2.5” by 3.5”.
Next, using your background stamp, with the darker brown distress ink (I use walnut stain here), stamp the background image on your white cardstock. Dry the ink with your heat gun.


Once you’re certain that the ink’s dry, with your other image stamp, stamp the image on top of the first background using embossing ink.
Pour clear embossing powder on your stamped image, tap the excess powders away, and melt the embossing powders on image with a heat gun. You will get a clear, embossed image on your card.


After the image dries, distress the whole card with distress ink in a lighter shade of brown (I used scattered straw here).

You will be able to see the clear embossed design standing out on your card very clearly.

Get your fingers inky! Have fun!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Inspiration Challenge...

Are you all ready for a new challenge? 
 Maybe something a little different in the colour range? 
 Then this challenge is for you...

May Inspiration Challenge 
(found on Pinterest via Design Seeds)
Now let's have a look what the Design team have created with this wonderful palette...

Petra Offrell

Juanna Sia

Kim Kendall

Annette Gearside

Nicole Knopke

Michelle Wallace

And some card inspiration from Erin Reed

Would you like to play and join in the fun? You are more than welcome. 
Entries close at midnight 31st May. Please send entries to 
A winner will be announced in early May, and will receive a RAK full of lovely goodies. 
Happy scrapping, and have fun!

May Sketch Challenge...

The May Sketch has been designed by myself (Jules The Bling Princess). I opted for circles this month - lots and lots of circles. I really hope you have a lot of fun with this sketch.

May Sketch Challenge - designed by Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

 Annette Gearside

 Kim Kendall

 Erin Reed

 Some double page layout inspiration from Kirsten Casey

 Petra Offrell

Juanna Sia

Nicole Knopke

Michelle Wallace

Kristie Taylor

Aren't these layouts just glorious? I think the Design Team have outdone themselves this month - there is so much inspiration here. Now it's your turn. You have until midnight, 31st May to submit your entries (please send to The winner will be announced early May, and will receive a lovely RAK of goodies.