Friday, January 27, 2012

Card Organizer with tutorial

One of my scrappy friends was making these little albums the last time we met together (thanks Kim)!!.  I was just dumbstruck that had never seen this before, and kicking myself of all the cards I had thrown away over the years that I wished I would have saved, but had no clue how to organize or keep them.  Just think of all those baby cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, birthday cards, and Christmas cards - not saying you need to keep everything, but some moments we must treasure and keep!!

This super easy and cute organizer is so simple - and you can make it any style, shape, size that suits your needs.

Card Organizer Tutorial
1) Supplies you need - chipboard (I save the inserts that are put into the packages when I order paper) or cardboard, paper, ribbon, embellishments, and hole punch .

2) Cut your chipboard to be just a bit larger that your cards.  If you have some really odd shaped cards or ones that will just not work, then there is no need to put them in your book unless you want to.  Cut both a front and a back section.  Mine measure 8 x 6 inches each.  Punch a hole in the top corner - this to to string your ribbon though, so be careful that you punch with the book to open and close the way you want it to.

2) Cover your front and back sections and decorate as your like.  This book is made for my son Morgan who just turned 6 years old.  He loves Star Wars, so that is the theme I used. I placed his name and the years the card are from.  You can cover both the inside and outside of the book, or just one side - all up to you!!

3) Punch a hole in the top corner of each card your wish to go into your organizer.  The order is up to you.

4) Starting with your front cover starting stringing the cover, then the cards, then the back cover and tie together with a simple knot.  Make sure you can undo the knot in the future if you have more cards to insert, this can be an open ended book if you wish it to be.  Also be sure to keep enough slack in your knot so you can open the book to see the cards in it.

I hope this has inspired you to keep those cards.  Maybe a fun little activity you can do for Valentines Day this year!!


Erin R.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slow Down January...

Seriously, January has to slow down. I'm not ready for February! There's still so much that I need to do first. How about you? Are you ready for February and an overdose of "love is in the air"? Well, until then, you have exactly 8 days to get your challenge layouts in, because then we start all over again. While we wait for the end of the month rush for challenge submissions, I have two more challenge layouts to share with you:

Pamala Casey - January Sketch Challenge

Nicole Dorion - January Sketch Challenge
(combined with the January Inspiration Challenge).
Come on ladies, I know there are more of you lurking out there - I want to see what you've got!!!! You can't win a prize unless you enter. And I've got some lovely stamps to give away this time. Do we have any stamp addicts amongst us?
Then this one is for!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Life

Finally I have this to share with you, with Gary being home for 3 weeks I have been VERY VERY slack on this blog, but hey its the summer holidays and so why not spend it together right?

So I'm not sure if you have heard about Project Life before but i finally decided to join in this year, in fact i couldn't wait to get started so once my page protectors arrived i started straight away, so mines went from Dec 1st. I am so glad i did start then as i have all of Lucy's first summer holiday documented, and so much happened last week of school etc, its so nice to have a place for it all.

So you may be wondering why i have it in here, well i will tell you :) Its an awesome project to take on and use up all of your kit scraps and things you have lying around left over from layouts. That's what i am using for mine, and i LOVE it, no more chucking out for me it all goes in here. Anyway i thought i would share my most recent week i shared on my blog and if you would like to see more of what i have done so far please go here 

Left hand page
This one has most of the journaling in it and it covers the following

  1. A conversation with Lucy
  2. Date night with my amazing hubby
  3. Lucy's first sleepover
  4. A visit to the cinema
  5. Lucy's fave game of the week (we are still playing this daily)
  6. Christmas dinner on the 28th once Gary got home from being off shore
Right hand page
This one is self explanatory really, it is just a page full of pictures of Lucy opening up her 2nd lot of presents with daddy, and a picture of us at Christmas dinner. we had an amazing day and it was so good to have Gary home, though he is back off shore , i had to drop him at airport today :(  this of course means i have a ton of stuff to catch up with, Laundry, housework, scrappy work, me time lol

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 12 Tags of Fall Series by Nancy Burke {teaching you to work confidently with mists}

Last November I followed a fantastic series
of tutorials over at Nancy Burke's blog, called
"The 12 tags of Fall."

You can see the first post here and thereafter there are
another 11 consecutive posts, each one showing,
step by step,through photos and easy to understand text,
exactly how to make a little tag full of interesting detail.

I have learnt so much just from reading each post,
even without actually trying out any of the tags as yet!
That's why I'm blogging about it here, because I really
believe that it's a series all scrapbookers should take
a look at, especially if you are like me & love your mists:)

Some years ago I followed a similar series on Tim Holtz
blog but found the techniques a bit intimidating for me
& also that I didn't have all of the materials required on
hand in my stash already. Personally, I found Nancy's tutorials
easier to follow & loved that I already had everything
required to make the tags already "in stock" in my stash!

While I am generally a "layout" girl I definitely see the
advantage of making these tags because, not only do
they make for fabulous gift tags & give us the
opportunity to play with & use up our ever-growing
piles of stash BUT also because they allow us to experiment
with new techniques, which is like taking a free online class!
Gotta love that!!

Experimenting on a little tag is also a great way of
building your confidence so that when you are working on
a layout & want to achieve a similar effect you know
exactly how to go about it!

If you haven't got into the whole "misting" trend yet
you really should! It is SUCH FUN & the mists seem
to last forever - I've had some of mine for over a year now
& I mist on loads of my layouts!!

They are readily available in stores now & my advice would be
to grab yourself a couple & give Nancy's tutorials a go!
The tags are also great for using up some of your older stash too!
I'm sure we all have little bits of braid, buttons, stick-pins left
over from other projects or still waiting to be used :)

I hope I have inspired you to experiment with some of
Nancy's wonderful tags!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Someone Has Been Busy...

I recently found these two gorgeous creations in my inbox.
Someone has been busy, scrapping up a storm!
Amanda January 2012 Sketch Challenge
This is just so sweet!!!!
Amanda January 2012 Inspiration Challenge
Isn't he cute? He looks like he is really enjoying that ice-cream!
Fantastic work Amanda! Thank-you so much for sharing your creations with us.
So who's next? Come on, my inbox is empty and!!!

Big apologyl!!!

I need to apologise upfront for not getting these layouts up sooner. I am really, really sorry. You ladies work so hard to create these layouts and share them with us, then I forget to put them up because life (and moving interstate) gets in the way. So I owe you all a BIG apology!!! But without further delay, here are all the challenge layouts for December 2011:

Gillian Hume - December Sketch Challenge

Georgia Heald December Sketch Challenge

Amanda December Sketch Challenge

Ann Murphy December Inspiration Challenge

Amanda December Inspiration Challenge
Thank-you Ladies for sharing your beautiful creations with us.
Unfortunately, we have not received enough layouts to award prizes this month. But it's not too late to get your entries in for January. Did I mention I'm doing up new prizes for the New Year? Yes, I am!!! Maybe some stamps? Maybe a craft mat and knife? Maybe a Doodlebug mini-album? What do you think? Well, if you want to win one, then you had better hurry and get your entries in!!! (-:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Store Updates...

Life never goes as planned, lol! My dear customers, I have not forgotten you. There are new kits coming to the store soon, but getting them uploaded has been unexpectedly delayed. My internet service provider has suddenly decided it is going to take up to 10 days to get my service up and running. And until they get it up and running, I cannot access the back-end of the store (on my main computer). So, as it stands, we have our fingers crossed that all will be working by Wednesday 11th January. Please be patient, and please forgive me. I will send out an email to all subscribed newsletter readers once the kits have been uploaded. If anything else goes wrong, I will post again on the blog. Save Now

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Less is more Layout by Petra

I really love making simple layouts with just a little amout of decorations and a beautiful background pattern paper. Do you?

On this page I just used a small photo mat, added a swirl stamped using a mask, a title, some twine and a few small paper and stickers decorations. I also added a few paint splashes. That's it - very "Less is more".

Do you make "clean & simple"or "less is more" pages? I would love to see them!!!
If you do write a comment and if you have a blog please add a link also :)

Have a great and scrappy day

//Petra - I would love to see you at my blog

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well here it is!!!!! ... 2012 ... can you believe it !!!!!  .. 
on behalf of Julianne & the team I extend warm wishes of good health & prosperity to all our visitors & customers ....
Tony & Julianne & the girls are at present 
travelling to Adelaide to establish their new home
I am sure you all join me in wishing them a safe journey & may their new venture be all they want it to be ...
there are two great challenges on here this month 
gathered from Julianne's favourite spot "Pinterest'
here are the various takes from members of the team:
Self Portrait

Too Tired Too Care by Lisa Kamphius
Sports Carnival by Kirsten Casey
Refreshing by Annette Gearside
Delicious by Leah Schaeffer

I think you will agree they are terrific takes on the 'inspiration'
the Sketch for January 
was designed by our very own bling princess, Julianne

A super sketch to get the creative juices working 
 by Helen Tilbury
Time Flies
By Petra Offrel

By Kim Kendall

By Juanna Sia

By Kirsten Casey

By Annette Gearside
by Caroline Hancock
Congratulations team on your takes on the challenges< i am always amazed at the different ideas & twists that are shown 
WE would love for you  to play along for your chance to win a kit from our store, please email your entries to or add your direct blog link in a post below.
Competition closes midnight 31stJanuary 2012
Winners will be announced early February 2012.