Monday, June 13, 2011

"awesome Blossums"

Hi everyone Kristie here,, I made a flower tutorial , I hope you guys like it.
It is simple, and easy with only a few steps and you end up with two really gorgeous flowers to use on your projects. There are just a couple of things I should say first.. I have made many of these and a strong double sided paper or a cardstock works best.they hold their shape longer and and have much more dimention.Use a strong fast drying paper glue(so you arent stuck there holding your peices together forEVER!)I like Ivy scraps scrap fusion but you could use any fast drying paper glue.
there are a few techniques to make the flowers 3 dimentional
one is "cupping" where you take a blunt object(I use the end of a paintbrush) you place the paintbrush handle down at a 45 degree angle and press till the object cups upward.
two is "shaping" (I use a sharpie) where you rub the petals back and forth to shape the petals
three is "stirring" where you place the sharpie in the center of the flower and stir in a circular motion to make the flower curl upward.
four is "pinching" self explanatory I think ,, just pinch the edges together
okay heres what you need to get started:
-double sided paper or cardstock
-paper punches (I used a large daisy punch,a small daisy punch,a medium snowflake punch and a small sun punch)
-fast drying glue
-sharpie marker or other blunt large ended item(for shaping petals)
-paitbrush end or other small blunt ended item(for cupping sun)
-glitter glue/glitter/paint
scoring matt or old mouse pad(a folded towel will work too!)
here is what we are making............

And here are the punches I used

FOR FLOWER #1,five large daisy,one small daisy, one medium snowflake
SPRITZ with water or glimmer mist
"STIR" each petal until they curl
SHAPE each petal by rubbing lenghtwise along the petals

PINCH each petal making a "v" shape

cut each snowflake arm in half to make stamen
SNIP multiple times each set of "leaves"( this will be two of the five large daisy punches that you flip over to a darker side of the paper)
STACK EM UP BABY!! gluing as you go and alternating the position of each daisy punch
okay now you can call that done , or you can add glitter glue/glitter/paint/ink/ markers etc... to make it more realistic.dont worry if it isnt perfect, because sometimes to imperfection makes them more beautiful.
you just punch four large daisys, and two small suns.
"STIR" the daisys, "CUP" the suns,
"SNIP" multiple times on each petal
STACK em up,, and add glitter.................
darling, you look MAHHH VALOUS!!
flower #2

And now I bid you all farewell...... go forth and make some "awesome blossums""
till next time,


ann said...

Kristie.. thanks for sharing these flowers are gorgeous !! xx

jacirascrap said...

Lindas flores! Obrigada!

Lisa K said...

These are so pretty and are perfect for papers scraps of which I have a few!!