Saturday, March 24, 2012

Anatomy Of A Challenge...

Today, I thought I would shock everyone, and actually show you a layout I completed, combining both the March challenges. The end of the month is fast approaching, so I thought it would be quicker (and more likely to get completed), if I combined the challenges. I don't usually combine my challenges, but since my layout doesn't count, I can get away with it, lol! Ladies, if you would like to combine the challenges in the future, that is fine, I don't have a problem with that, but just be aware it will only be included in one of the categories - either sketch or inspiration, not both.

How do I get my inspiration from the challenges? Let's start with the sketch. In this case, I stayed fairly close to the sketch design. There are two major differences. I added a banner in the top right of the layout. That is not on the sketch. Neither are the roses flowing down the right hand side of the page. But I will usually add to the layout in some manner to make it mine. Just remember, a sketch is a starting point - a jumping off point - it does not have to be identical. Quite often I will flip a sketch, add or remove photos, add or remove embellishments, or make the design larger or smaller than that shown in the sketch. All these elements help to my layout "mine". To make it more individualised.

The inspiration photo held so many elements that inspired me. The beautiful peeling wooden background - I just had to include that in my layout - it was jumping out at me. The colours? Well, I think they speak for themselves. They are just so beautiful and blended together amazingly. Then there were the roses and falling petals. That was my inspiration for the flowers flowing down the right hand side of my layout.

I hope that has helped to explain how my brain operates when it comes to a challenge. I look for things to highlight. To draw attention to the particular elements of a challenge.

Close ups of some of the details on my layout.

A close-up of my journalling. This is something that I always try to do on all my layouts. It is very rare for me to complete a layout without journalling - after all, every photo has a story to tell. Thank-you for taking the time to share this with me, and I hope you all have a happy, scrappy weekend.


Nicole Doiron said...

This is a beautiful layout! I was wondering... did you finally receive my layouts by email? I sent you one for each challenge. Hopefully you did! :)


pysselpetra said...

fab page ♥

Anonymous said...

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