Friday, February 18, 2011

Love is in the Air February Cyber Crop

Hi everyone!!

Hasn't the time come around fast?? Here we are in February already and so much has happened around our country this year already.

I hope that everyone has remained safe from the floods, cyclones and fires.
It's certainly been a terrible start to the new year for many people but it has been amazing to see our country come together and help everyone and anyone in need.

Makes us very proud Aussies I think...

Well we have a great cyber crop in store for you tonight, great challenges and prizes!!

The chat section on the right side bar, please login and chat with us!!

Ok so lets get started with

Challenge 1 - with Tina Reynolds

So for my challenge it's a colour challenge

Main colours RED BLACK AND WHITE and you have to use a text out of a LOVE SONG for your title!!

Here is my take on the challenge.

Challenge 2 with Valerie Bishop - Sketch Challenge

and Valerie's take on her sketch

Challenge 3 - Card Challenge with Nicole Knopke

February is always associated with love because of Valentine's Day. I hope we all got spoiled this year (if you celebrate Valentine's Day). I got a Guess watch that has butterflies and bling on it. We got it on the cruise duty free. I haven't seen DH yet coz he is away for work and won't be home till next week so we may celebrate our own Valentine's Day then :)

In this month of love, I would like to see a little bit of love on your card. I would like you to use the word "love" somewhere on the card, have at least one heart, use 2 or more layers and finally I would like to see you use a colour on your card that you love. The colour I love the most is the one colour I have missing in my (all blue in this house) so my card is mostly pink!! Now it's your turn to share the love and have some fun. Good Luck xxx


Ok girls, this is your criteria for tonight, have fun

use five buttons
paper pleating
chipboard and alter it in some way - emboss distress etc

use Amy Benders origami hearts on your layout from the tutorial on the blog here

and lastly you must use lace

and now for the MYSTERY CHALLENGE with Kristie

This is your sneak peak of the challenge tonight. As Kristie is overseas she won't be hosting the mystery challenge in the chat area, so below we have posted the instructions for you. If you have any questions please yell out in the chat section on the right side bar of the blog.

you will need:

5 empty toilet paper rolls (just hang with me, it will be awesome, I promise!!)

5 peices of matching patterned paper measuring the length of the toilet paper

roll plus 1 inch, and the width of the toilet paper roll plus 1 inch.(so mine are 5"x 6")
5 peices of matching cardstock measuring 4"x 2 1/4"

assorted ribbon to match your paper

2 metal rings(or binder)

ink if desired(I personally think that everything looks better with ink, but thats just me)

assorted embellies like paper flowers and paper ribbon,buttons, etc.

Step one:

use a bone folder or the side of a butter knife to flatten each of the toilet paper rolls

step two:

cover each roll with one of the 5"x6" peices of paper

step three:

on the end of each roll, you should have about a 1/4" of "overhang" snip the overhanging paper at each corner diagonally, so that it can be folded to the inside of the roll.(glueing as you fold)

step four:

flatten with your bone folder or butter knife again and ink all the edges if desired.

step five:

take the 5 peices of matching cardstock measuring 4"x 2 1/4" and round the corners and punch a hole in the center of one end.making each one into a tag to be placed inside the open end of each toilet paper these if desired, and stamp on them too if you like.

step six:

punch two holes on the end of each paper covered roll about one inch apart and place each roll on the rings

step seven:

tie ribbon on the rings

step eight:

embellished,, add photos and journaling..........etc etc..

Ok ladies, I can't wait to see your takes on the challenges.

You have a week to complete your challenges, although you don't have to do all challenges to be eligible to win a prize, there is a prize for each challenge.

Entries will close at midnight Saturday 26th February and winners will be announced soon after.

Once you have completed all the challenges or even if you only complete a few, upload them to your blog as 1 post and link up to Mr Linky below.
If you don't have a blog please email your challenges to us at and we will host them for you.

Great prizes to be won!!

Have fun!!

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chrisw said...

love love love these challenges!Thanks girls you've got the mojo happening,back soon with something to show hopefully

annette said...

loving all the challenges ... am heading off to get some done ...

Kylie said...

great challs ladies & the DT & mystery sound good!! have to get myself scrapping now :0)

ann said...

Love all the challenges !!!!!

nicole said...

Woohoo.....these look like fun. Can't wait to get started....that mystery challenge looks interesting!!!

Lisa K said...

Wahoooo- one done already and an idea brewing for challenge 2!!!

Amy Bender said...

I love it all! Can't wait to get some time to play. :)

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

I hope I can figure out which to play with this week...thanks for hosting this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAya love love all these challenges cant wait to get started !! xx

Valerie Bishop said...

FUN challenges!! Can't wait to get start!!

Lisa K said...

Oh man- I have done them all except the mystery challenge ...dont know if Illget to that!!!! LOVED the CC challenges!!!!

Kylie said...

they lok good...might try and get some all the examples girls

amanda73 said...

did mine they are on my blog and linked now...loved the challenges

chrisw said...

Just wanted to encourage you all to visit the blogs on the mr Linky,and sidebar,there is some amazing work out there and what a fantastic way to make new friends also

annette said...

done , on my blog & linked except for the mystery which I'll do in the next few days ... thanks for a great CC ... X:)

Eve said...

awesome work girls i have just added mine to the linky now ...

nicole said...

Have uploaded mine onto my blog and linked it up. Thanks for the really cool challenges....I had soo much fun with them.

Kylie said...

i got a couple of the challs done girls & linked up! loving everyone's work...looking great!!

Gillian said...

done my layout for the challenge & am very happy with with it. Thanks for the challenges.

nicole said...

Back again....uploaded my Mystery Challenge this time. Had fun with this one even if it was dodgy old toilet rolls. It looks so cool!!

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