Monday, February 7, 2011

Twiddleybitz Girl Mini Album

Twiddleybitz Girl Handbag Book

Searching for my project subject, I found this cute ‘handbag mini album’ by Twiddleybitz… available at Scrap with V

Tools Required:
Pritt glue or similar, glue stick, scissors, pencil, eraser, craft knife,

Adding double sided Prima patterned papers from the Annalee range, Prima lace, Craft Queen ribbons to some bits & pieces from my stash I completed this gorgeous album

Trace around the chipboard to cover the pages, cut out
Using the reverse side trace around the letters, cut out
On 2nd chosen paper, trace reverse side of pages including letters
and back of album

Paint or ink edges of chipboard album and paint chipboard stand
Also paint/ink & glitter the heart chipboard charms

Adhere letters then patterned paper pages to chipboard, when dry sand edges ( if desired) and ink

Decorate the pages with chosen embellishments & photos
I trimmed my photos to fit
Outline edges of letters with kindyglitz

I had 2 hinged rings in my stash to assemble my album, you could thread onto ribbon..
Tie ribbons; add charms & rub-ons to personalize your album
Ta dah … that’s it … pretty simple & oh so pretty

Pop into here to check out the products I have used & other great products available for purchase

Happy Scrapping
Cheers Annette


Ness said...

gorgeous mini album Annette, saw this one being made, so gorgeous! Love Ness xx

Belinda said...

Ooooh!! I love your mini album Annette. So pretty and girly!! Cheers B-)

ann said...

Very pretty and girlie !!!!

kristie said...

ohhh so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh its gorgeous !!! Thank you for sharing !! xx

Valerie Bishop said...

This is just so pretty!! Love the pp you used! TFS!

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

Oh Wow! How totally neat is this! I have certainly never made anything like it but can see my little girl just loving something like this! I adore the colors of it as well!
Just wonderful!!!!!!

heirloomscrapping said...

what a stunning mini album love the papers

chrisw said...

oh this is so lovely Annette and love those pp's

Irit Shalom said...

Fantastic tutorial- thanks for it!

BrigitteG said...

gorgeous gorgeous work Annette !!

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