Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make a Christmas present topper

Hello Everyone! Since it's only 25 days to christmas, I thought I'd show you how to make a present topper. They are super easy to make, and only use small pieces of patterned paper and ribbon. So they are great for using up some of those scraps that we all have in our stash.

Materials needed
hot glue gun
black ink
6 cm diameter circle from hard cardstock
4 pieces double sided christmas patterened paper 18cm x 2.5cm
4 pieces red cardstock 14cm x 2.5cm
4 pieces double sided christmas patterned paper (different colour) 18cm x 2.5cm
8 pieces christmas coloured ribbon approximately 12cm long x 1cm wide
8 pieces gold ribbon approximately 10cm long x 1.5cm wide
4 pieces of red cardstock 15cm x 0.5cm
4 holly leaves (or leaf punches)
1 red paper flower
1 christmas tag

Here is a picture of the end result

Lets get making
1. Ink the edges of all the strips of patterned paper and cardstock with black ink
2. Using the hot glue gun, glue the short ends of the four strips of ONLY ONE of the patterned paper strips, the red cardstock and all the ribbon pieces together to make a tear drop shape. 
3. Glue the patterned paper shapes to the circle piece of cardstock AS SHOWN

4. Then glue the red cardstock shaped pieces, overlapping some in the middle to make it even, as shown

5. Now glue the 8 pieces of christmas ribbon as shown. Each piece is glued on each side of the red cardstock.

6. Do the same with the 8 pieces of gold ribbon, laying it evenly around the inside.

7. With the 4 thin pieces of cardstock, using a needle or a skewer, roll the card down leaving a 5cm straight piece not curled. I glued the curled piece so it didnt unravel anymore. Bend the end of the straight piece and glue these down evenly, with the curled piece sticking up. As shown

8. With the other patterned paper strips, gently roll these using a pencil, and glue the rolled bit so it doesn't unravel and layer these as shown into the centre.

9. Layer the 4 holly leaves over those rolled pieces of patterned paper, so that you can still see the patterned paper. Glue the flower in the centre and then bend the bottom of the christmas tag and glue this on top of the flower.

Give it a try. It really is so easy. Here are some others that made, changing the length of the strips to make them smaller.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!


Lizzyc said...

they are gorgeous Kirsten!!

Gillian said...

lovely Kirsten. I don't think I have the patience to do them

pysselpetra said...

Love this fab idea

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