Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Using up your scraps

Hi there its Caz again back to share some of how i scrap.

Since i found kits i have never looked back and I'm one of the few scrappers that actually have no stash, now i do have a ton of tools and inks/mists etc but these are things we use on a daily basis. For me i just can not have a TON of papers lying around, it always makes me feel as if I'm behind in my work somehow.

Anyway when i first got into scrap booking i bought everything lol then i became aware of always getting stressed because i just had way too much. Then came kits and OMG i love them, i don't have to have a stash i just work from my kits, I'm also lucky enough to be able to finish kits every month so i don't have a build up. Right now i have 1 half used kit sitting and this will no doubt be done before next months :) i think that's good going, don't you?

I love to use my kits down to every last scrap, sometimes i think my kits are finished but i will just get all my scrap papers out and stick them down and before you know it i have an extra few layouts, good huh!

So i thought today i would share a few layouts i made entirely from scraps and i LOVE every single one of them. I'm not kidding i was about to pack this kit away ( i tend to give the absolute scraps to Lucy) when i saw the amount of scraps i thought hey I'm not wasting them lol and down to work i got.

I hope i have inspired you to use up some scraps, its amazing what you can do with some card stock and scraps, I think these are my favourite layouts from the whole kit i was using lol


Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

LOVE these!
What super F U N pages!

Glad to see these!

pysselpetra said...

great idea to use up that scrap - lovely pages - thanks for the reminder

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