Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Life

Finally I have this to share with you, with Gary being home for 3 weeks I have been VERY VERY slack on this blog, but hey its the summer holidays and so why not spend it together right?

So I'm not sure if you have heard about Project Life before but i finally decided to join in this year, in fact i couldn't wait to get started so once my page protectors arrived i started straight away, so mines went from Dec 1st. I am so glad i did start then as i have all of Lucy's first summer holiday documented, and so much happened last week of school etc, its so nice to have a place for it all.

So you may be wondering why i have it in here, well i will tell you :) Its an awesome project to take on and use up all of your kit scraps and things you have lying around left over from layouts. That's what i am using for mine, and i LOVE it, no more chucking out for me it all goes in here. Anyway i thought i would share my most recent week i shared on my blog and if you would like to see more of what i have done so far please go here 

Left hand page
This one has most of the journaling in it and it covers the following

  1. A conversation with Lucy
  2. Date night with my amazing hubby
  3. Lucy's first sleepover
  4. A visit to the cinema
  5. Lucy's fave game of the week (we are still playing this daily)
  6. Christmas dinner on the 28th once Gary got home from being off shore
Right hand page
This one is self explanatory really, it is just a page full of pictures of Lucy opening up her 2nd lot of presents with daddy, and a picture of us at Christmas dinner. we had an amazing day and it was so good to have Gary home, though he is back off shore , i had to drop him at airport today :(  this of course means i have a ton of stuff to catch up with, Laundry, housework, scrappy work, me time lol


Anonymous said...

Great layout. Love all the journaling!

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

How neat is this!
I've seen these styles of page protectors
before and I really think they are super cool!
A quick way to scrap and get those photos
in a place where they can actually be viewed!

Very smart! Glad to have seen these!

pysselpetra said...

I have been lurking around watching all these amazing life projects .. maby I should try one - this one really got me inspired ♥