Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Fool-proof Way to Improve your Photography!

That's something we all want to do, right?
But how do we find the time to fit it all in??
People are always telling me about groups & forums I can join
and challenges I can take part in, but honestly, often I don't 
have the time, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

So what do I do?
Just not bother to try and take great photographs??
Oh no!  I happen to LOVE photography & be fortunate
enough to own some great equipment that I have been
purposefully acquired over the years.  

What I do is "stumble upon" some very good "professional" 
amateur photographers while I am blog-hopping 
scrapbooking blogs!

There are some exceptionally good photographers
out there who also happen to be great scrapbookers.

Well it goes hand in hand really...or rather it should!
Although this isn't always the case...

When I come across a blog with really good photos 
I OFTEN find that they have a "photography" page/tab 
somewhere along their navbar at the top of their blog 
or down their sidebar, and when I click that,
Hey Presto!  
All their photography-related posts show up!

I bookmark the link & set aside some time 
(often over the course of weeks) 
to read up on their "tips", the lenses they use etc, 
and this way I am acquire some non-biased information 
from someone who I know for sure KNOWS what they 
are talking about BECAUSE I have already seen that they 
are capable of taking fantastic photos!

To get you started here is a link to 
Bookmark it & take a read whenever you have a
moment to devote to improving your photography skills.

I can tell you from experience that with everything 
you read, you are bound to pick up more & more little "tidbits"
of useful information & slowly but surely you will become
a better photographer as you put each newly acquired
piece of information to the test.
Hope you found that helpful :)

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