Sunday, April 8, 2012

Reverse shapes with punches

Sometimes I like to make a reverse shape with punches to get a #D effect on my pages. So instead of building up a 3D effect with layering I dig it down into the page. It can be done with ordinary punches or "anywhere in the page" punches.
It can also be made on tags - easier to handle in a cuttlebug or similar.
Behind the hole you can choose any pattern p
aper or confetti or a transparency depending on what effect you would like.
Some inspiration for you:

This is a detail from the May inspiration page - so I wont show the whole page just yet ;)

Here I used the technique on a tag and used different pattern papers between the letters in "pretty"

If you decide to try this I would love to see what you have made so please make a link as a comment to this blog post

Have a great scrappy day!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Very effective technique. I'll have to try to remember to use this in future.