Thursday, June 28, 2012

On giving it the first try.

Hi all, Juanna here! Hope everyone's doing great so far. The year's almost half way through, time flies! With that being said, I was doing some reflection on my scrapbooking journey lately and the most significant reflection was about my experience coming out of the box, coming out of the fear of using certain products.

I have to admit that there are really moments when I am very tempted to try using certain products but I hold myself back because I am afraid that I will mess it up and put the product or maybe a pretty piece of paper to waste. So this year, I told myself I have to stop thinking that way or I wouldn't grow; be it on the scrapbooking front or in my personal life. I set several goals and one of which was to work with G45 papers. I love G45- prints and all and I marvelled at how some designers could really carry the product so well. For perhaps a year, I very much wanted to give it a go but didnt because I was intimidated. So finally, I did it. This year. I just had enough of restricting myself, so my first task was to use G45 papers on a project even if I didn't know how it might turn out.

And you must be wondering, so what happened? I went to my local scrapbook store. I spent some money on the available G45 papers, some coordinating embellishments etc. Armed with my scrappy tools, I went to work using the papers on a metal tin. It was meant to be a gift for a special occassion. I just worked it out, casting out whatever fears that might creep in to say its not good enough. I just had fun, without a care. I was really happy with my first attempt but even more happy that I overcomed a little fear of mine. A personal milestone!

I do not know if any of you readers might have the same experience as I am but I do hope my little sharing today would be an encouragement of some sort. (: I will stop this wordy post by sharing my altered tin project.





Have a good week! (:

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pysselpetra said...

great first try. do it again :)