Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flower Tutorial

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and lets hope 2011 is the best year ever !!!
This is a very quick easy flower to make.
You need a Chiffon type material, Cut 7 circles
5 circles... 6cm diameter
2 circles... 4cm diameter.

Now join the 7 circles with the 2 smaller circle at the top.
Using a brad...stitches...or stamens at the centre to hold the circles together.

Using a candle very carefully singe and shape the petals.

Your finished flowers should look like this.
You can use more circles and make them any size...

VOILA !!!! hope you enjoy.


Ness said...

oh beautiful Ann, gorgeous flowers. Thanks for sharing. Love Ness xx

Eve said...

Anne they are divine
thanks for sharing how to make them with us ...

kristie said...

ohh those are beautiful!!!

Kerri said...

Thanks Anne
great tutorial!
havent had a go at making these yet! x

Valerie Bishop said...

I've made these before and they are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing! I need to make some more of these!

Natalie said...

WOW Eve, this a just stunning. So elegant. Thanks for sharing :)