Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flower ideas for Scrapbook Layouts..

Hi Everyone

Rebekkah here.

I have been increasingly inspired by all the lovely layering everyone is doing at the moment and have incorporated it into my style at the moment. I love flowers and i love layering so i combined this technique called clustering and i will show you how it fitted into this layout.

Clustering :
As you can see i have started with a crystal bird flourish, followed by fabric doily for a base, a material flag, then started the flowers with the one prima paper flower, added the green flowers randomly and then added the smaller flowers into position.
Some people do their layering differently. Some choose to randomly cut into patterned paper (often referred to as fussy cutting) and also then go onto make their flower clusters around this.
What do you like to do ?
I find the easiest way for me personally as i dont have alot of hours to spend on a layout with two small kids is to start with one flower and work around the edges as shown here but other ideas can include :

1) Start with one flower randomly placed in the bottom left corner of the layout and working to the rule of threes in scrapbooking design, place two other different sized flowers on the diagonal on either side.

2) Place about 5 small flowers randomly all over the layout and then working to the rule of threes, cluster each group.. it looks very effective.

Well i hope i have given you some ideas on clustering .. i always find little ideas such as these very informative for my layouts and its always good to try something different and new to keep your scrapping fresh and to keep the mojo alive.

Until next time
Happy Scrapping
Rebekkah xx


Helen Tilbury said...

What a great clustering tutorial Rebbekah! Thanks for all the great tips - lovely page too!!

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

Oh this page is SO pretty!
Its really neat and love the colors as well!
And always a great thought as well with
the clustering!

kristie said...

very pretty!

Juanna Hope Sia said...

thanks for sharing! feel like im always stuck clustering 3 flowers only and i don't dare to go beyond that. you inspire me!

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