Sunday, October 9, 2011

Interpreting a sketch

How do you work with a sketch?
  1. Do you keep identical 
  2. Or do you end up with a layout nothing like it in the first place
  3.  Or kind of in between
These days i seem to be mostly number 2 and definitely not number 1

Anyway the reason for this post was to talk about how i came about my layout using the October sketch

Here is the sketch again

So my first thought was just to use a few different sized sheets of patterned papers to make it look like a border, but what i have been doing recently is trying to think outside the box so instead of my first thought of the papers i thought ' I will sew the border instead '

This is what i came up with and i just LOVE how this layout turned out, I'm just so glad i thought about it first before just jumping in with my first idea

Hope you like what i did, and try this when you are doing your next sketch, I find it really helps us grow as scrapbookers and help develop our own style

See you soon
Caz :)


Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

Glad you shared this with's always cool to see the different interpretations of the sketch. Like the sewing instead of the paper...really cool! Glad you shared this stretching the sketch idea!

annette said...

thanks for sharing your creative idea Caz ... great interpretation of the sketch .... X:)

Juanna Hope Sia said...

thanks for sharing! i really like your intepretation and the soft colours (:

lynn79 said...

Oh I love what you did here!

pysselpetra said...

like you argunents and your page is fab ♥

Helen Tilbury said...

Love this layout Caz! I am also trying to be more free with my sketch interpretations these days!!

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