Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Napkins and Modge Podge

Hi-dee-ho everyone :)

Nicole here with some very cold fingers sitting in my cold house wishing that some magic fairy would come light my fire so I can warm up.........I don't think they are coming though, so it looks like I'm going to have to do it!!!!!!!!! >:(

I have wanted to try the Mod Podge and the napkins thing for ages but had just never got there. I knew how to do it......I just hadn't done it.

So one day when I was hunting through my stash for something else, I came across some really cool napkins that I had bought from some cheap shop some where. So I thought I would give this technique a go. So while looking around for something to do it on I found a box from Twiddleybitz (I think) that I thought would look really cool all decorated up with these napkins.

I used matte Mod Podge because I didn't want a glossy finish when I had finished the box.

So here is what I did:-
*Using just the top layer of the napkin and tear it into smallish pieces. Not too small or they will be a pain to try and stick down.
*Using a paint brush, cover part of the box with Mod Podge and then stick down a piece of your torn napkin over where you have just applied the Mod Podge.
*Using your paint brush, paint some of the Mod Podge over the piece of torn napkin that you have just glued down.
*Repeat this process until you have all your surfaces covered with the torn napkin and Mod Podge. You might have to paint over your finished surfaces with another layer of Mod Podge once you have finished, just to seal it and to make sure that all your pieces of torn napkin are stuck down properly.
*Set aside to dry. I left mine overnight so I knew it was dry.
*The next day I took one of my mini files and filed around all the edges to neaten up any pieces of torn napkin that were hanging over the edge of my box.
*Then I decorated it up using some Twiddleybitz hinges painted with crackle paint, some leaves, bling, ribbon, a butterfly and flowers cut from Grungeboard and tulle. For the feet I used little draw handles that I painted. The handles for the drawers are sewing machine cotton spools with a button glued to the front and some ribbon tied around the spools.
And so here is my creation.....

Thank you for giving me a little of your time today and I hope you might like to try this technique one day....it really is simple but very effective.


HarmonySweetpea said...

Very cool idea. Will have to try it!

scrappin' girl said...

Great technique!!!

lizzyc said...

thanks for sharing. i have wondered how this was done... now i know..!

kristie said...


DebiJ said...

Oh magic idea Nicole - I AM going to try this out...this is so gorgeous!!

Lisa K said...

They look great and the box is just gorgeous

annette said...

wowee Nicole this is fabulous ...
love x

BriGt said...

Woww Nicole... this is absolutely gorrrgeous !!! it's sooo... magical with those butterflies and the colours are stunning !! well done !!