Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi there! I am Rebekkah and this is my first post too ! I am so excited to be a part of a DT team that have all such differing and inspiring styles so thanks for having me !!

So are we all inspired by the Sept Colours and pallete.. or is that plate?? he he.

I KNOW i was when i saw it and created my layout for September with the colours in mind.. I love vintage colours at the best of times and my inner shabby chicness came out, so i just went with it.

When i think of vintage - i think of prettiness and softness. I think of soft muted colours and pretty papers, and flowers and spring ! When this is applied to scrapbooking - it means FUN ! It means layering with pretty embellishments, papers and mists, thoughtful photos, children and love.

For this one Joy, i have used the colours that were in the pallete as my complimentary colours. That is colours that compliment each other .. In this case, the muted pink the light blue the white and darker pink and the darker blue. I have repeated these colours for effect and for consistency on the layout. I have used a large photo to empahasize the dramatic effect of my daughter Trinity in posed thought. I have also used misting to add softness to the photo as well as the prima floral bling. A Jenni Bowlin flower appears in the corner as i love butterflies and its a little ode to her as she loves to chase them..
I hope you like what i have done with the photo and hope you can take away at least a technique or two, scrapbooking i feel is all about sharing - sharing the memories and your ideas with others..

In this September Layout, i have misted yet again.. (see a re ocurring theme yet- lol?) this time i have used a mask, but i often use doilies and lace patterned paper, think KI Memories or Creative Imaginations, over and over again.. i love shapes especially..but for this it was a mask.

I have used my photo again - i liked this photo so much i have done 3 layuots so far using it, lol. I figure if you on a good thing.. the flowers at the top of the corner of the photo on the left are actually coloured rubons  i had lying around and i love the effect. I have an addiction to my friend Charmanes lollipop flowers at the moment, and my friend Sues home made buttons. I like the personal touches these add to a layout and its something unique as well. I am starting to include quotes on my layouts now, as i feel it describes the mood i want to convey sometimes better than i can journal. I love to write in general so sometimes i will come up with a quote or two of my own, and i am starting a file with them now, so maybe if Jules will let me we can use one later on.. I just wanted to tell you about the above layouts little journey as well and what i was thinking of when i did the layout. The one above, the photo was taken at the zoo. Shes looking pensive as shes trying to look at a closure, where there were a few people. Constantly i look at my daughter at these times and think of how hard she was to get here at all and how blessed my partner and i are to have her, even if she is a little devil at times..he he.. I just know that when i look at her i feel immensly proud as he is, that she is becoming a nice little girl and is quite considerate of people and the things around her, as thats the quality that i love most in my partner and i am glad she has inherited his nature.

Maybe you can try this when doing your next layout, think about the things that matter the most to you and really try to capture the feeling you want to remember in 20 years time, rather than just jotting down the memory to record the layout.

Thanks for reading if you got this far..
Rebekkah xxx


DIANA L. said...

This is such a beautiful layout.

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

LOVE these!
I love how bold the stenciling is, it adds so much interest and color to the page. Love the layered paper and all...
Had fun reading this, your a cutie! =)

xoxo, your DT sista~ Leah

kristie said...

just adore the bold stenciling!! gorgeous work girl!

Juanna Hope Sia said...

i love your misting style! gonna try it too (:

Helen Tilbury said...

What a great read! Your masked misting looks fab!! Can't wait to try it - thanks for the inspiration :)

pysselpetra said...

Love the misting ♥ both pages are beautiful

Lisa K said...