Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Accidents and Color Tips

I had a completely different layout in mind when I first started creating this one.  I had a wooden clock, a metal key, and a metal key hole glued down to the layout when I got the epiphany to use the poem in word strips instead.  I loved the look of the strips, it made the layout look more cohesive and not so disjointed, but I had already glued on the other parts, and when I pulled them off the paper pulled off with it, leaving huge gaps, it looked awful. 

So I took gesso and smeared on on top of the "holes" and then smeared black distress paint and black perfect pearls over the gesso.  I did this in more than just the parts of the holes, I also did it other random places to it did not look like I had made a mistake.

As they say there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, just happy accidents.  I love the final look of this layout a lot more than I did before I changed it!!

I loved these resin edges by Prima, but they were just not the correct color.  I took Tattered angels Glimmer Glaze and painted over the entire edges, it paint is so thin that it just stuck to the inset of the edge and not the tops.  The colors are so much better for this layout!!

I hope you enjoy my fun little tips!!

Erin Reed


pysselpetra said...

So great you coul fix it cause it is such a lovely page

Lizzyc said...

I would never have known you had done a boo boo, this looks fabulous!!