Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome to Washi wednesday Number 5

Hi all

Here is the 5th Washi Wednesday post - I hope you are enjoying them - I have had a lot of fun playing with washi whilst doing this - and my card collection and my household decor is grateful too!!  Hahah
Okay - this is a favourite of mine - great for boys layouts and girls and even for cards.  For this you will need some toothpicks, and washi and scissors......

Take your  wash  and trim a length about 8 - 10 centimetres .  Wrap it on the toothpick at the half way mark so the washi is  doubled up on itself. Trim the washi and there you  have it - cool washi flags!!!

Fabulous arent they!!!!  Happy washi Wednesday!!!

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Lizzyc said...

Thank you, I have been reading your posts on washi and enjoying all the ways to use it!!