Saturday, July 14, 2012

Taking photos of your layouts

Hi all.....Nicole here....I guess it's my turn for a blog post :)

Lots of people have loads of trouble taking photos of their layouts...not square...too much background...too dark etc

So when I need to take photos of my pages, I choose a well lit area (inside or out) that is in full shadow or the sun can cast distracting shadows over your page. Morning or evening light is actually the best time to take photos because the light is more even and there are no shadows.

Now there is 2 options for the next step...
Option 1 is to lay your page on a flat area of the ground and stand over it to take the photo, making sure you don't cast a shadow over your page.  Make sure that your page is lined up as straight as you can with the top, bottom and sides of your camera lens and then click.....

Option 2 is to have your page at eye level. Sit it somewhere so that it is standing up as straight as possible, line it up as in "option 1" and click!! Try and tuck your elbows in and slow down your breathing, and hopefully you will have a nice photo.

I take all my photos on the automatic setting, hardly ever with the zoom and cropped and altered in a photo - editing program. When doing this, I crop and rotate as needed, then I use the auto fix button to change the photos and mostly improve their colour. Then I soften the edges to try and disguise the noisy background a bit better.

Don't use the flash when taking the photos because it will put a shine on your photos that is very distracting!!

And before you load the gorgeous pages onto the internet, sometimes you just need to resize the  photo, but that might have to be my next post

Hope I have helped somehow :)

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