Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time To Meet...

It's time to meet our next Design Team member. 
Let me introduce you to Petra Offrell a.k.a. Pysselpetra. 

1. Husband? Children? Pets?
I am 42 years old and I live in Malmö, Sweden. I have 3 kids {Alva 4 Teo 6 and Love 8 years old}, 2 cats {Busan & Cosinus}, one dear husband and a passion for Scrapbooking, paper crafts, sewing, painting and well most crafty things you can do. 

2. Do you have your own scraproom. Describe where you scrap, or supply a photo.
 I have a small scrap space in our living room which is not so good because I cannot keep it tidy… I dream of my own scrap studio.

3. How long have you been scrapping?
 I have been a scrapper ever since I read about Scrapbooking in a magazine when my firstborn was just a baby. Hmm that would be 7 years by now.

4. Favourite colour or colour combination? Least favourite colour to scrap with?
 I love turquoise, brown, orange and lime but I find myself scrapping all kinds of colours. I am not so fond of purple …

5. Do you have a dream team that you would like to be on?
I have several dream teams … one is Crate another is MME … got to wish for the stars right ;), oh and Crafter’s workshop… that would be so cool.

6. Do you use paper or cardstock for your layout base?
I almost always white card stock as a base for my layouts. But, papers with well-coordinated colours and beautiful patterns make my heart beat a little bit faster 

7. Black, white, or kraft?
White for me.

8. Favourite scrapper?
I have quite a few favourite scrapper, it varies a bit over time… right now I like the style of Lilith, Swiss girl/Rahel, Umenorskan/Christin, Krumeluran/Katarina and Zarah/Zarischka but there are so many talented scrappers that I enjoy to follow and get inspired by.

9. Favourite technique? Least favourite?
I love mists but I also stamp, I paint, I tear, I stitch, I cut and I punch… but I keep to my Clean & Simple style... with some artsy elements. I do not colour stamped motifs … I find it boring.

10. Favourite manufacturer? Favourite product?   
Crate and MME and … I have many many. I love twine, mists and masks.

Want to see more of Petra's work? 

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