Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another fabulous Christmas Tree

Hi everyone

Well if you liked the lovely tree that you made with Lindy for the Cyber Crop Mystery Challenge, then I thought you might also like this one.

This tree is very similar to one we did a couple of years ago with the accordion folds however this tree doesn't have the Chipboard Tree under.

I was inspired by Vicki C with this tree and just had to share with you all.

Using Accordion fold pinwheels which are really easy, this tree can be made in under 2 hours and makes a fantastic center piece.

Now for a few simple instruction on how to make this tree.

Things you will need for this tree:

Paper Trimmer
Wooden Skewer
Old ribbon roll (this is what I used)
Hot Glue Gun or quick drying strong glue
Scoring tool (could be a butter knife) or bone folder
Pencil and ruler
Kindy Glitz or similar
Christmas Star or similar

Step 1 - Using your glue gun adhere your skewer into the center of your ribbon spool. I have packed the inside of the ribbon spool with brown paper to give the skewer more support. Then glue around the skewer and the top of the spool.

Step 2 - pick some papers (I have used scraps left over from last years tree) Cut 2 strips of paper that are equal length and width. Then cut width to the size of the pinwheel you want (my largest is 4 1/2 inches wide).

Step 3 - Using a pencil mark out on the backside of the paper your fold lines (I have done my fold approx 1 cm apart). Using your scoring tool score down these lines, then fold as accordion. Align both strips evenly and then adhere creating a long accordion strip.

Step 4 - Pull both ends of the accordion around to meet, adhere securely. Next pop the pinwheel out and push it down, you will probably need to hold it down with your fingers. Using your glue gun apply glue around the center of the pinwheel leaving a hole in the middle.

Note: I have also done mine so that it angles down and not laying flat, sort of like a skirt but ever so slight.

Continue to do the accordion folds with all the varying sizes of strips. I have gone down in size by 1/2 inch for each pinwheel and only done 5 pinwheels for my tree. You may like to make it fuller and do more.

Step 5 - Going from largest to smallest, slide your largest pinwheel onto the skewer and adhere in place with your glue gun. Continue to do this with each pinwheel. Spacing them evenly apart.

Step 6 - Kindy Glitz or Stickles the edges of your pinwheels (I have used silver Kindy Glitz). At the top of your tree at your smallest pinwheel tie a bow with your ribbon.

Finally secure your Star to the top of your tree by adhere with your glue gun to the point of your skewer.

You are now done!! Easy peasy hey??

Here is my tree and some close ups for you.


Belinda said...

That is beautiful Ness. Love it. Might have to give it a go I reckon!!

ann said...

Ness such a pretty Christmas tree Thanks for

Lisa K said...

That is just gorgeous - would make a great table centrepiece

lindy said...

How fabulous does this look Ness!!

annette said...

gorgeous tree Ness .. & I love the shoe beside it ... luv X:)

BrigitteG said...

woww how clever is this Ness !!
love it :)

Valerie Bishop said...

This is just gorgeous!! I love the paper that you used!!