Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cyber Crop here tonight

Hi everyone and welcome to our first ever Cyber Crop on the blog.

We have some terrific challenges for you tonight brought to you by some of the Design Team.

Everyone has a week to complete the challenges, weather you do 1 challenge or all challenges it doesn't matter. Upload your takes on the challenges to your blog and link up to Mr Linky below to be in the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Lucky Door Prize this month is a fabulous mystery pack of Scraplets
donated by Julie at A2Z Scraplets
all you need to do is complete all the challenges and link up to Mr Linky to go into the draw for the door prize. Design Team are eligible for the door prize as it is luck of the draw.

The Mystery/Blind Challenge with Lindy will be held in the Chat Roll in this post, all other general chat will be held in the Chit Chat over in the right side bar.

Ok so lets get this Cyber Crop rolling!!

First up with

Challenge 1 with Amanda

My challenge is a three part challenge:

1 .Scrap a Christmas layout
2. based on a night time activity
3. using NO Christmas themed supplies :)

Here is my sample layout for you

Challenge 2 - Sketch - with Natalie
The very talented Natalie has designed this sketch especially for the Cyber Crop

and Natalie's take on her sketch

Challenge 3 - Card - with Chris

It's Christmas time and we think about red, green and gold but for my challenge I want to move you from your comfort zones. I would like you to replace the red with either orange or pink and or replace the green with grey or brown. The gold has to stay and it must be a Christmas card. Please add stitching and stamping on your card too. Have fun!!

Chris's card sample

Now for the DT only Challenge
This is a challenge set for the Design Team girls giving them the opportunity to win a fabulous prize too.

Ok so girls here is your challenge

1. Use glitter & bling (goes without saying)
2. Use non traditional colours
3. Snowflakes to be added somewhere
4. Include tree and bauble shapes
5. The word Light or Lights in your title
6. Tissue Doily
7. Use a list format for your journaling

Have fun with that challenge girls!!

Now for the Mystery Challenge with Lindy
be sure to be here for this one!! Fabulous Off the Page for you.
Will be held below in the chat box in this post.
Lindy will inform everyone over in the chit chat when she will be starting.
Ensure you have your bits ready from the previous post with the goodies you will need.

Blogger Chat

Mystery Challenge with Lindy - You will need:

- paper circles of 6 different sizes and approximately 10 of each (my largest size is about 5 inches) paper circle can be newspaper, book or novel pages, Christmas scraps from your stash or any scraps of paper, you will need to scrunch these circles up.
- wire
- 2 x wavy cardboard circle of the same size of the biggest paper circle, glue together for added strength.
- wooden stick (skewer)
- paper rose
- fake holly fruits optional
- embellishments (to hang and glue at the base)
- white acrylic paint for painting the thick cardboard piece
- hot glue gun or strong quick drying glue
- pliers
- scissors
- Kindy glitz or Stickles or loose glitter


Step 1 : make a hole with the stick into the wavy cardboard.
Step 2 : Put the stick in place to make it stay firm. I usually use a huge masking tape or crepe tape because it's just perfect for this kind of things.
Step 3: This is very important step. Crush each circle before you put it on the stick. This will give to a nice airy and distressed look.
Step 4: Pin the paper circle approximately in the centre and don't be concerned if it's not right in the middle. In fact this will make even more intresting. Continue with the others and don't forget to crush them. This operation will take you some time but the result is worth doing it. Leave approximately 1 cm of the stick looking out of the paper circles.

Step 5: When you put on the stick all the paper circles put some hot glue in the wavy cardboard where you made a hole previously and place the bottom of the stick of your paper tree on the cardboard. Hold the tree till the glue is completely hard and the tree is standing well balanced.

Step 6: Add more glue to the layer between the cardboard and the first paper circle to make it completely stable.

Step 7: Now depending on personal preference on what you would like to do with glitter you can either use a brush and brush on some Kindy Glitz or squeeze the bottle and drop over the paper layers. You can also use stickles if you like or you can spray the paper with glue spray. This step depends on your taste of how much glitter do you want on your tree if you like it a lot spray it generously, then pur the loose glitter on the paper layers - shake well to allow excess of glitter to go down.

Step 8: Paint the bottom cardboard with white acrylic paint. Apply some glitter on the wet paint if desired.

Step 9: With the glue gun stick the end of the wire (1m long) somewhere between the biggest paper circles at the bottom of the tree and wrap it around the tree till reaching the top.

Step 10: Twist the end of the wire around the top of the stick.

Step 11: Glue the red holly fruits or red beads with the glue and put them into the glitter (optional). If you don't have holly fruits then another embellishment to suit.

Step 12: Take the rose and place it on the top of the tree.

Step 13: Make a bow under the rose using the desired ribbon.

Step14: Take another piece of wire and twist it around a pencil and pull it down. Now you pull the ends and there you have the twisted wire.

Step 15: Put one end of the wire into the middle of the rose.

Step 16: Now you can decorate the tree like you desire.

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annette said...

Loving all the challenges ... Can't wait to get started .... woohoo the CC for Christmas ...

ann said...

Fabulous challenges girls..Hubby has just got home for dinner so I will pop back later.

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Great challenges and I love the sketch!

Irit Shalom said...

Love the crop- but unless I can do winter or Hannukkah- can't participate.. We don't celebrate X- mas here- so just let me know if winter or Hanuukkah are ok..

Ness said...

Irit either of those are fine darl. Like I said in the email, I realise not everyone celebrates Christmas like we do, so please feel free to participate. Love Ness xx

kristie said...

ohhhh this is awesome!! I going to get started!

BrigitteG said...

Well done everyone !! i was wondering how this would work on the blog and thought it would be a bit daunting for me but... i think i can manage couple of challenges here :)
will keep you posted :)

Anonymous said...

Some Great Challenges girls !!! xx♥

kristie said...

ohh loved that mystery challenge!! Think I might have to make another one in brighter colors! okay off to play with one of the other challenges.

Charmane said...

Loving all your challenges ladies - so sorry i missed this, but my partner decided to organise a party on saturday and not tell me til friday.... so had so much organising and preparing to do EEEK!!! Hoping to give at least ONE of the challenges a go though XOXO

Eve said...

sadly i missed the cybercrop , due to my childrens needs ...sorry ness but i will try and get the challenges done

Charmane said...

I've done the sketch challenge - can you see it on the link?

BriGt said...

HI everyone...

not sure if this is working... posting a link for Susan Grant's Card challenge (since she hasn't got a blog/Internet/pc and since ihaven't done mine yet !!



BriGt said...

oops !! not working !!

i think i'll wait till i do mine and post Susan's card on my blog :)

Ness said...

Hi ladies, it's best if you post your challenges to your blog, if you don't have a blog you are welcome to use Photobucket to link up (facebook everyone has to login to see and some don't have facebook), If you use Photobucket all you need to do is use the "direct link" from photobucket and paste into Mr Linky here on the blog. Hope this helps. Love Ness xx

Charmane said...

ok will try again...

Charmane said...

can you see it now?

Ness said...

Oh yes Charmane, fabulous take on the sketch, beautiful photos too. Love it. Love Ness xx

Belinda said...

WOO HOO!! Have finished all of my CC challenges and posted on my blog. Thanks so much for a terrific CC girls. Can't wait for the next one!! Wonder what theme it will be??

chrisw said...

Only managed to complete the sketch thus far but thought i 'd better link up and have something entered.Hoping to finish some more tomorrow.

Ness said...

Phew got all the challenges done, loved the challenges girls, thank you so much for a great Cyber Crop. Love Ness xx

nicole said...

I have put up my link. I didn't get everything finished....I just ran clean out of time. Really enjoyed doing what I did get done though. Thank you for the challenges.

nicole said...

I've put up another link to my blog. I had some plans change at the last minute so I had some time to finish the 2 challenges I didn't get done. YAY all finished!! LOL

Ness said...

Brigitte I have linked up Susan's card for you. Sorry I put it up late but it was emailed to me prior to closing. Love Ness xx