Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Bauble

Hi All,
I have revamped idea of old ... these paper baubles you may remember being made out of Christmas cards .. I decided to give them a try using double sided Christmas paper ....
scraps of Christmas paper or one sheet ( card weight )
A circle cutter or punch
glue gun or fast drying glue
2 buttons, ribbons, & a lightweight ornament to trim
Step 1 .. Using a circle cutter or punch , make 20 circles
* mine are 6cm diameter ( the larger the circles... the larger the bauble)
Step 2 .. Fold up edges to create a triangle
Step 3 ... Glue the sides of 5 triangles to form a circle
Step 4 ... join 5 more triangles to the outside edges of circle

Step 5 .. Thread a length of string or Christmas tie through a button & thread through hole at top of circle (sorry about the blurred photo)
Step 6 .. Glue a triangle into each of the gaps
step 7 ... Glue 5 remaining triangles to outer edges , then join sides leaving 1 side not glued
step 8 .. Decorate your chosen ornament if needed, attach onto a button with string, thread into base hole of the bauble, glue the last side to form a ball
step 9 .. Tie a ribbon around hanging string , baubles may be decorated with glitter or kindy glitz if desired
and ta dah ...all finished ... pretty baubles to hang for Christmas ...
I apologize for the photos .. overcast weather and a shaky hand makes for shockers.. LOL
Have fun creating ...


BrigitteG said...

Woww gorgeous baubles Annette !!
things we can do with even paper, just amaazing !!

Ness said...

love your Baubles Annette. Love Ness xx

Valerie Bishop said...

These are so clever!! I love them!